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Download Glob v1.0 (1.43MB) a FREE game created by me!!!

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Glob v1.0
Download Glob v1.0 a FREE GAME created by me!!!
Welcome to !!
Hello everyone!!! My name is Mansur A. Usmani, and I have a lot of experience in programming in general and wesite designing in particular. I hope that you will have a great time while you are here.

While you are here, why don't you sign my guestbook? It takes only a few minutes, but all of your comments give me the inspiration to continue updating my website!!!

On this page, I will be posting (under this message) any news that I might have to tell to y'all about me, or about this website. I hope that you would come back to my website whenever you are bored, to play some games (currently, there are 23 great games), or to learn HTML. If you want to read some more 'wise words', which is on the left, just hit refresh in your browser. You can also learn more about me by clicking about at the top of this page. You might also want to visit some of the links that I have collected for all of you to visit, after you have gone through my website of course!!!!

enjoy =)


Welcome to my Blog!!!

This is a my first post on my new WordPress blog.

Stay tuned for more blog posts!!! 🙂

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