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Download Glob v1.0 (1.43MB) a FREE game created by me!!!

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Glob v1.0
Download Glob v1.0 a FREE GAME created by me!!!
About me
Were you craving to know more about me? Then you have come to the right place. In this section, I will tell you about my history, as well as about my hobbies and interests.
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My history
Well, I am an Indian, and I was born in Tanjore (Thanjavur - my mother's place) which is situated in Tamil Nadu, India on March 14th, 1987. My father's place is Chennai (Madras) which is also in Tamil Nadu. I am the first born of my family, and in the first few years of my childhood, I was living in many different places of India with my mother and father, like Bhopal, Calcutta, etc.

After that, when I was around 2 years old, my father got a job in Muscat, which is in the Sultanate of Oman. He got it in SSB (Suhail and Saud Bhawan), in the electronics and home appliances division. So, we went to Muscat, and there I studied from LKG (KG1) to 2nd standard. Then my father was transfered to Jeddah, which is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (they had asked him to open a new branch there for selling Titan watches and Sumeet mixies). There I studied my 3rd and 4th standards, before my father was transfered to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where I studied 5th standard. Then, again he was transfered to Muscat, Oman. This time, I studied 6th to 8th standards there. Then my father left that company and got a job in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where I studied my 9th and 10th standards, and 11th standard 1st term.

Now, my father has left that company, and is doing business in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, where I am right now. I am currently studying in 11th standard. All the schools that I had studied in followed the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India) pattern, except the school that I am studying in right now, which is following the Tamil Nadu State Board pattern. Well, I have currently lived most of my life in Muscat (around 8 years).

If you want to know the various schools that I have attended, I have listed them below:
Class Year School
KG1 1990-1991 Indian School, Ghala
KG2 1991-1992 Indian School, Ghala
I 1992-1993 Indian School, Muscat
II 1993-1994 Indian School, Muscat
III 1994-1995 Embassy of India School, Jeddah
IV 1995-1996 Embassy of India School, Jeddah
V 1996-1997 Our Own English High School, Dubai
VI 1997-1998 Indian School, Al Ghubra
VII 1998-1999 Indian School, Al Ghubra
VIII 1999-2000 Indian School, Al Ghubra
IX 2000-2001 International Indian School, Jeddah
X 2001-2002 International Indian School, Jeddah
XI 2002-2003 International Indian School, Jeddah
XI 2002-2003 St. John's Matriculation School, Mandaveli
XII 2003-2004 St. John's Matriculation School, Mandaveli

--'Indian School, Al Ghubra' was formerly 'Indian School, Ghala' (The name of the area in Muscat where the school was situated had been renamed from Ghala to Al Ghubra).

--'International Indian School, Jeddah' was formerly 'Embassy of India School, Jeddah'.

--In XI standard, I studied the 1st term in Jeddah and the other terms in Chennai.

I guess I have studied in many schools, and in many different places. Whew....that was quiet a long history, right? I am now living with my parents, my brother Masood (he was born in Muscat on July 3rd, 1992) and my sister Ayesha (she was born in Jeddah on January 1st, 1996)

My computer qualifications
I have learnt the following programming languages (in order of learning):
2. C
3. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
4. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
5. C++
6. Java
7. Macromedia Flash
8. PHP
9. MySQL

Of course, I also know the usual stuff like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. I also know how to operate MS-DOS.

I have got certification for the following:

View my online transcript.

My growing interest in computers....
When I was in Muscat (1989-94), I used to play cricket. Sometimes I also used to play TV games. Then, when I was in Jeddah (1994-96), I was introduced to the game of football. I also started collecting stamps. During my stay in Jeddah, my father bought a computer due to my persistence to have one. And then, you can say it was a new beginning.... In the first few years of my using a computer, I mostly played only games, and the like. I was in Dubai for hardly a year, so there is nothing much I can tell you about what I did there. When we went to Muscat the second time (1997-2000), I continued playing football there. This was the period which I can describe as a turning point in my life.

We bought a new computer (Compaq Presario-4620) when we were staying in Muscat (which I am using even right now!!!). My father even bought an internet connection this time. I never used to use the internet (as I didn't know the password!!!), but then my mother told my father to allow me to use the internet so that I could download and play games. Now I will describe how my interest in computers had changed into a new dimension. While I was surfing the net, I stumbled into a Geocities (which provides free web space for making websites) website which was under construction. A banner there notified me to click if I wanted to make a free website. Well, in my early months of using the internet, I did not have the slightest idea about how people used to create websites, and so, on seeing this banner I clicked it and signed up with Geocities. I created my first website using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor provided by Geocities. Of course, it was not so efficient, so another time while I was browsing the net, I came across a website which provided free HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language - The language with which you can make websites) tutorials. I was fascinated by the way we can make websites by typing it in Notepad, and so I set out to learn the same. I created my first website using HTML which was known as MAU (the initials of my name), and contained a lot of information. I hosted the website at XOOM(.com), but XOOM soon stopped hosting the websites and so, my first HTML website is no longer on the internet (but I have it on my computer's hard disk :) ). The next website that I created was for my father's company in Muscat [OTE-EHA (Oman Trading Establishment-Electronics and Home Appliances division)] which was also hosted at XOOM. I even learnt C, when I was in Muscat, at Aptech.

I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Shridhar (my computer science teacher in Indian School, Al Ghubra), who was the driving force who helped me get so much interested in the field of computers, by encouraging me, and congratulating me when I made something (like a website or a program), and of course, showing keen interest in whatever I was making.

After learning C, I created my first program, Quizies (which is available for free at When we had to go to Jeddah (in the year 2000), we had to be in India for 2 months for getting the visa. During this time, I learnt Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ from Asset International (A division of Aptech). With my acquired knowledge in Visual Basic, I created Net Surfer, a browser, when I came to Jeddah (which is also available at

In the 11th standard, I have chosen the Science stream (which includes Physics, Chemistry and English as core subjects) with Maths, Computer Science and French as optionals.

And thus, my growing interest in the field of computers....
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