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Download Glob v1.0 (1.43MB) a FREE game created by me!!!

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Glob v1.0
Download Glob v1.0 a FREE GAME created by me!!!
Book Title: BioNuts - Enter The BioSurvival Competition
Category: Science Fiction for Children
Pages: 33
Chapters: 8 (+ Prologue)
Price: $6.5

Now Available Internationally!!!
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BioNuts - Enter The BioSurvival Competition

Enter the world of


Where your imagination will be taken on a wild ride through never before seen worlds!!!!!

Use BioPads to teleport yourself anywhere, or hover over to your favourite destination using your own BioHover; compete against the best in the BioSurvival Competition, with the dual purpose of winning the Champion Trophy and also saving the whole of BioPia from disaster!!!!!!

Read this exctract from Chapter 1:
"Ma!!!" called out little Jack, the BioNut. "I feel a bit rusted, so can I have my grease bath now??" Being the good BioNut he was, he was always ready to have his grease bath.

After having his bath (grease bath!!!) he heard his mom call out "Remember to polish yourself after the bath!" Whew, polishing is hard work, thought Jack, as he finished doing so. I think I will log on to BioNet after my breakfast just to check out what's going on in the rest of BioPia.

Taking out his personal BioPad, he switches it on and enters his BioPass. It immediately connects him to the BioNet, which has ultra fast download speeds. This all possible due to extensive fiber-optic interconnectivity coupled with satellite connectivity, which was now a part of every BioPian household. In fact, even refrigerators, lights, heating and cooling systems, and other conveniences of modern living could be controlled through the BioNet.

Every BioNet account comes with a custom homepage that displays all the information that the user would like to see. As for Jack, he had chosen to include Tech News, Competition News and BioPian Headlines in his homepage.

Those people at BioSoft are releasing yet another OS (Operating System) for BioPads, read Jack as he was browsing along. Suddenly his attention was caught by the New Competition, which had been posted in the Competition News section.

"Wow!!!" exclaimed Jack. "They have at last released the dates for the annual BioSurvival Competition. I have always dreamt of winning one of these competitions, and now since I am eligible for this competition (since I am 10), I think there is nothing that can stop me from winning one or two laurels or even the BioSurvival Champion Trophy!!!" The Competition was set to start next week. "Plenty of time for me to get all ready and set for the contest," thought Jack.

Then Jack went on to read the BioPian Headlines. He was amazed to read the news that the evil Dr. BioManiac had escaped from the high security BioJail from which no one had managed to escape till now. "The authorities will really have a though time trying to get hold of this guy!" thought Jack as he went on to check his BMail. He got a message from his friend Crooky.

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